Learn what to expect before, during, and after your tile installation with The Floor Store. Trust us for all of your North Chesterfield, VA, tile installation needs!


  • A member of our team will walk you through the entire installation process, answering any questions that you might have about time table and what to expect.
  • Remove any furniture from the rooms where the installation is to take place.
  • Come up with a plan for your subflooring. Is the crew removing it? Are you? Does it need to be removed at all?
  • Have a waste removal plan!
  • Please ensure that children and pets are not present during the installation.
  • Complete any painting that might need to be done.
  • You will complete a last-minute walkthrough!
Tile Installation | The Floor Store VA


  • Make sure you have a plan for your existing flooring or subflooring. This may need to be removed, and it costs extra if it's not something that is figured out ahead of time.
  • The tile installation process will vary depending, but here is a cursory overview of what will take place: your crew will mix the mortar and apply it to the floor using a trowel; they will then lay the towel down on the mortar, ensuring there is cohesion between the two. 
  • From there, the team will use spacers to ensure the proper placement of the individual tiles, finishing with the edges of your floors. 
  • The task will culminate with proper grouting, sealing, and clean up!
After Tile Installation | The Floor Store VA


  • Complete a final walk-through with your crew to assess the quality of the job.
  • Ask any questions that you might have to your crew or our team.
  • Run a fan to remove any ventilation-related smells.
  • Allow the sealing to dry before stepping foot on your tile floors.
  • Enjoy your new floors!