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Learn the basics of laminate care with our maintenance guide!

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Keeping Your Laminate Clean

Laminate is a relatively easy-to-maintain flooring option. This is why laminate is so popular amongst families with small children and pets! With that said, some basic care and maintenance will be required to ensure that your laminate ages well over time. By establishing a basic care routine and remaining diligent, you can ensure that your laminate floors always look their best. Learn more about the basics of laminate care and how to address spills and other messes below.

Laminate Sweeping | The Floor Store VA


The basics of laminate care are as follows:

  • Invest in a high-quality broom and put it to use on a regular basis. In sweeping, you are actively working to remove dirt, dust, and other debris that can scratch your laminate floors and give them an overall grungy look. How often you sweep will largely depend on the amount of traffic the room receives. But in general, you should be sweeping every day or so.
  • Place walking mats at the entrances of your home.
  • Encourage guests to remove their shoes before entering your home and walking on your laminate floors.
  • Use furniture protectors to protect your laminate from scratches.
  • You may wet mop your laminate floors periodically, but do not use too much water when you do so. 
Wine Spill on Laminate | The Floor Store VA


With laminate and other hard surface flooring options, spills and messes are not cause for concern as long as you address them immediately. The key to a liquid spill is to wipe it up with a cloth before it has the opportunity to seep into the subflooring or provide lingering damage to the surface of your laminate. For more serious scuffs or marks, consult your manufacturer before trying a new cleaning solution. On the whole, laminate floors are tough on spills, scratches, and stains, so minimal upkeep and maintenance should be required.